Suvorna Skinpal S100

  • Model: Suvorna Skinpal S100
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  • Suvorna pimple popper tool kit 4 in 1 is made with French stainless steel to safe your skin from various infections and have variety of heads and needles for popping. It comes in a beautiful slim custom designed carrying pouch where each tool slides in its place perfectly. Before using the tool please wash your affected area and dry it. Wipe all tools before and after each use to keep them safe and clean.
  • Milia remover tool: milia are small white cysts that appear in clusters, usually on face. The most effective milia solution is manual extraction done by a esthetician, someone who works at a salon, skin spa, or a home user. Make a tiny opening in the surface of the skin with a milia lancet and the loop is then gently pushed out through the opening with a milia extractor tool. Our milia removal tool is best for eye, get rid of milia, and milia peel.
  • Blackhead remover tool: blackheads are small bumps on your skin that look like dark spots mostly affects your face, nose, and skin. By using our blackhead extraction tool you get rid of blackheads easily. if you are searching blackhead extractor tool, blackhead removal tool, facial blackhead remover kit, black head remover for face tool, blackhead popper tool, blackhead popping tool, blackhead tool kit, nose blackhead remover, our blackhead remover set fulfill your needs for blackhead.
  • Pimple tools and acne tools: please stop picking pimples or acne with your finger, it can damage your skin. Our pimple popping kit give you all tools for pimple removal, and acne removal for women, men's face, and other parts of the body. You can use our pimple kit and acne kit as a pimple popper kit, pimple extractor kit, pimple popper tool, pimple needle tool, pimple lancet, pimple remover tool, pimple extractor tool, acne extraction kit, acne removal tool kit, acne needle, acne remover kit.
  • Whitehead remover, cyst removal tool, Comedone extractor tool, and zit popper tool: whiteheads develop when dead skin cells and dirt clog your pores. This whitehead extractor tool has all types of needles and loops used in whitehead and cyst removal. People usually search it for blemishes, comedones, pores, and boil as a zit popping tool kit, blemish remover, blemish extractor tool, comedone extractor kit, facial tool, zit tool, lancet for facial extraction, and zit pop.


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